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Chaos: The Discord Bot

Chaos is a discord server bot meant for you! Chaos has many features for your server. Chaos can moderate your server and use fun commands. (PS: Click the down arrow to learn about chaos!)
 Chaos Chaos 

About Chaos

Chaos is an awesome discord bot that has moderation, fun, and music commands! It is the best bot out there that is pretty small, but getting big!

Discord Server 

Fast Message Delivery

Our bot runs on AWS, and it's aimed with ping rates of 10ms!

Easy to Use

You can use the chaos bot everywhere, even on a potato.

24/7 (Almost)

The Chaos Bot Runs 24/7. (It may go down for a couple of hours or minutes, since it updates.)

Updates Frequently

The bot gets an update almost everyday! So it will always have new things.

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